Reasons for Seeing an Orthopedic Doctor in Long Island

There is an overwhelming amount of Americans that suffer musculoskeletal pain or injuries each and every day. Musculoskeletal problems include, but are not limited to strains, sprains, injuries caused from overuse, and chronic pain in the knee, back and shoulder.

When a person suffers from this pain, they assume anti-inflammatories will do the trick. While sometimes this may fix the problem, other times it will do nothing. In some cases, the only way to resolve the pain is by visiting an orthopedic physician.

An orthopedic doctors is one which specializes in all injuries and pain to the musculoskeletal system. These doctors can handle all types of injures to this system from something as small as an ankle sprain to something as serious as a hip replacement and everything in between.

Below is a list of symptoms that if one is experiencing in their hip, back, shoulder, or ankle, they should have it checked out by an orthopedic doctor.

  • Persistent pain in the muscles, tendons or joints
  • Swelling or bruising
  • Limited range of motion
  • Difficulty or the inability to use that part of your body
  • Any unusual symptoms in the region of pain

Contrary to popular belief, a doctor does not look to suggest surgery as the only way to fix this issue. They will do everything they can to delay that including less invasive options like prescribing medication or physical therapy. When these treatments fail to work, only then will surgery be considered.

Orthopedic surgeons commonly perform arthroscopic surgery, procedures that are less invasive, done with a scope that allows them to visualize, diagnos,e and treat problems such as a tear in a tendon. They also perform larger surgeries such as replacements of the ankle, knee, shoulder or hip.

Getting an issue treated early can possibly eliminate the need for surgery. The quicker you seek medical attention for orthopedic conditions in Long Island, the better.