Changes in the Recruiting Industry

A crucial component of being a recruiter involves staying up to date with current trends. These trends determine the different strategies recruiters will use to bring in the best possible candidates to their business. For that reason alone, it’s so important for recruiters to understand the trends they should expect to see and follow for the 2017 year.

Finding diverse candidates is a priority for many recruiters. In today’s world, businesses are striving for a diverse company culture. In addition to diversity in race, sex, and age, companies need diversity within the job duties. People need to have a more diverse range of skills in today’s job market.

New recruiting methods on digital platforms have altered the recruiting process overall. Companies are using screen automation and data to find candidates that meet their requirements. People can now apply for positions directly online through a website or through job postings, which also creates new challenges and processes for recruiters.

Many people today find their jobs through employee referrals or through social networks such as LinkedIn. Referred employees are hired quicker because the recruiter doesn’t have to actually seek someone out. Social networks are now a popular recruitment method of hiring too as candidates can easily post their resumes and backgrounds so recruiters can tell if the candidate is a good fit for the brand.

Recruiters have a more prominent role in corporations in today’s world. In fact, recruiters now have a seat at the executive table. This is because their strategies will ultimately make or break a company. Their efforts are key in the company’s success.

Recruiting departments have accepted much more responsibility as they acquire more roles. Executive recruiters need to spend more time focusing on their hiring strategies and how they will find the best talent for their business. They must work with marketing departments as well so that the company can develop a content strategy that attracts candidates.